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Sunrise to Sundown…

We’ve been in the road as long as the suns been in the sky today and most squads have got a fair few hours to go yet…

Long old drive over the Alps the today, with a few brake downs along the way (all sorted ATM as far as I’m aware…) and just for fun at least 3 squads took on the extra challenge of heading for the legendary Stevlio Pass. At least 2 have got to see it in the daylight… And one squad hit a road closed for a festival… But they’d put on a car train to take the diverted traffic!
So the squadrons are dispersed far and wide. 2 cars are there (it’s about 8:30 atm), one not going to be there until after 2am… We’re somewhere in between, but stopped for for pizza right now and should be there in time for last orders.

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