Beetlemania! These could be yours!


Ever wanted to own a vintage VW Beetle? Some of our dumballers already do! Aren’t they GORGEOUS?!

That’s right, Dumball 2020 – Loco in Acapulco is getting real now. We are assembling a rainbow array of fabulous old-school Beetles down in Mexico City and they can’t wait to meet their new owners!

If you’ve signed up, one of these cars, or one like it, will be yours, to decorate, drive and enjoy however you want (as long as it’s legal!) on the dumball. You can do what you like with it at the end of the rally – ship it home, sell it back for up to $1000 USD (assuming you haven’t trashed it), drive away into the sunset and never return. It’s up to you!

If you haven’t grabbed a spot on the dumball yet, don’t hang about! Registrations will close on 1st August. 

Be there or be… driving a Volvo to an out of town shopping centre during the January sales when the best bargains have already gone.

Don’t let someone Beetle you to the last spot!

Peace and love.

John, Paul, George and Ringo

(Sorry, not actually them, it’s Dumball HQ of course)


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