Just received this from an unsuspecting Frenchman

Wow,… We must be strange


I’m from Cernay, France. Near the German and Swiss border. I’ve just been in a supermarket when I saw strange people, strangely dressed !
Outside, some strange cars… And one broken (a yellow Mercedes). The strange people where trying to fix it drinking, laughing and happy.
Usually, around a broken car, people don’t smile.
It was a very strange situation.

So I’ve asked to one this strange men, what they were doing. When I’ve heart that you are having fun for a good reason. It was not a surprise. You are so strange. So…

Congratulation for the things that you are doing. 

Drive save, and I hope that everybody will come back from Sicily and see the happy faces of the people that you are helping,

Best regards from France,

Christophe Meyer

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