Welcome to the home of the dumball: the world famous fancy dress festival on wheels.

It’s a charity car rally, an extreme driving challenge for people that know very little about cars, and the odd person that does. We pimp up cars that have seen better days, and drive them for thousands of miles on the world’s toughest roads. Beware of imitators, for over a decade the dumball has been goofing around in far flung corners of the globe. It's a test of endurance: we conquer whole continents, in a week. But what we’re really famous for is the camaraderie, style and genuinely childish excitement with which we raise money for a great cause: the Teenage Cancer Trust. There is no car rally quite like ours. Just ask anyone who has been. The dumball is not a race. There are no prizes for first place. We stick together in convoys, give you radios so you can banter en route, and wherever we stop, the party starts. We've conquered Europe, Africa, and now we are touring Asia. The 2017 rally will be in Northern India where we whisk you into the Rajasthani desert and give you the keys to an old school Mahindra Jeep before challenging you to drive it all the way to the beach paradise of Goa!











A Guide to Indian Visas

Goa get a visa…. For all you dumballers of 2017 – here is some precious info on your Indian visas. Please read this carefully! We get a lot of queries about visas…. And unless you have a passport from Nepal, Bhutan or the Maldives – you WILL need a visa of some sort. There’s a lot […]


Dumball 2017 -ROUTE CONFIRMED!

JEEP DESERT ADVENTURE – ROUTE NOW CONFIRMED! Hello Dumballers!! Sorry that this has been a long time coming, we’ve been incredibly busy working through details, making plans and booking all sorts of exciting things for you… and watching tennis. We’re primed and ready now though so hold on to something, you’re about to take on […]


Dumball done.

So that’s it. A fantastic send off last night and a lazy day today, recovering from a tough week and mulling over schemes for potential future dumball. At the awards we had some live music, amazing dancers, fire tricks and some lucky dumballers got some of the best awards money can’t buy (that we brought). […]

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