Welcome to the home of the dumball: the world famous fancy dress festival on wheels.

The ultimate extreme driving challenge. We pimp up cars that have seen better days, and drive them for thousands of miles on the world’s toughest roads. It's a test of endurance: we conquer whole continents, in a week. But what we’re really famous for is the camaraderie, style and genuinely childish excitement with which we raise money for a great cause: the Teenage Cancer Trust. The dumball is not a race. There are no prizes for first place. We stick together in convoys, give you radios so you can banter en route, and wherever we stop, the party starts. We've conquered Europe, Africa, and Asia. Dumball 2017 Jaipur to Goa saw another 200 idiots drive 2000 miles across the desert in clapped out jeeps! Join our mailing list to find out more about our next adventure in 2018...





We've raised over £820,000 for teenagers who suffer from cancer.

Help us hit £1 million by 2018










Dumball’s over, another year old…

Who knew the desert was so chuffing cold? Oh I….. I wanna Dumball in India… So Dumball 2017 draws to a close in spectacular style. An amazing awards ceremony by the beach, fire dancers and then partying on the beach until the small hours. The monkey arrived! It has to be the world’s most travelled […]

One last day of admin…

Just cos the drive’s over, doesn’t the Fun stops for Dumball One – it’s time to collect the walkies, return the deposits (virtually all of them fully intact!), and prepare everything for the party tonight. This means assembling everybody’s photos and videos, preparing a presentation, stage, entertainment, getting people to vote and working pot who’s […]

Dumball Done

We have arrived. Blue arrived last, Dumball One is still to arrive, but the people are all here. Late, tired, smelly and elated. Done.

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